Which Application for LIGE Watch?

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For Lige watch users, the "Da Fit" application is essential to fully exploit the capabilities of your smartwatch. This article highlights how "Da Fit" transforms the experience of using Lige watches.

Da Fit: Your daily companion

"Da Fit is the official application designed to connect and synchronize with your Lige watch. It offers a wide range of functions, from tracking physical activity to customizing your watch's interface.

Activity Tracking and Wellness

"Da Fit" records and analyzes your daily activities such as steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. It also tracks your heart rate and sleep patterns, helping you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Notifications and Reminders

Stay connected without constantly checking your phone. "Da Fit" lets you receive call, message and app notifications directly on your Lige watch. You can also set alarms and reminders to stay organized throughout the day.

Dial customization

With "Da Fit", change the look of your Lige watch in just a few taps. The app offers a variety of watch faces and even lets you create your own for a personal touch.

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Set up and connect with Da Fit

  1. Download : Search for "Da Fit" in the Apple Store or Google Play Store. You can also scan the QR code supplied with your Lige watch for direct access to the download.
  2. Authorizations : During installation, grant "Da Fit" the authorizations necessary for smooth synchronization with your watch, including access to Bluetooth and notifications.
  3. Watch twinning :
    • Activate Bluetooth and localization on your smartphone.
    • Make sure the watch is switched on and not connected to any other device.
    • Open "Da Fit" and complete your personal profile.
    • In the "Da Fit" device interface, select "Link device".
    • Use the MAC address displayed on your watch to identify and connect your Lige watch.

How to use

  • Initial load : Before using your watch for the first time, fully charge it using the I9M charging cable supplied.
  • Automatic synchronization : Whenever "Da Fit" is opened, it automatically connects to your Lige watch, synchronizing data such as steps, sleep and heart rate.

By using "Da Fit", your Lige watch becomes more than just a fashion accessory; it becomes an indispensable life companion that helps you stay active, organized and connected.

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